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Queen of Hearts - Queen of Time 2 by Reilune

The main question is "What You're waiting for?!" That's EXACTLY what button "Write a Critique" is saying to Premium Members watching Queen of Hearts.

Jessica as Artist is incredible in at least one way - what is known as "cult" - She will change it into something brand new and additionally sexier with simple hidden higher meaning (being aware about it or not). Last Burton's "Almost Alice Project" presenting Wonderland in new perspective created a funny wave. But... I wonder whether Queen of Hearts was ever shown in this position in His imagination... Bare feet!

Visually it's a very good work. Model stylized as Queen of Hearts. Bright skin, red copper color of hair, make-up forcing watcher to concentrate eyes on red expressive lips, female liveria dress connected to "Wonderland" and huge clock in victorian style with roman numbers - all these laying on the maroon material got along. Bokeh in the background covered empty wall. That was a great idea cause other decorative designs wouldn't make a friendly geometrical connection with clock frames.

If it's something about visual trivia. Originality is hidden in hearts - two on white stripe and third "broken" created of lips =)
Material chaotically arranged to cover coach created something like "shadow" of versailles style furniture created for royal dynasties. Clock pointers were caucht by camera at 4:22 which after summary makes 8 - number of eternity and circulation. The most funny thing that clock's trademark is "FirsTime" - it made me wonder about something - as well model has face expression like that =)

Technically it's (for me) a self-photo. Contrast and brightness is perfect. Only problem I can see is very popular last time "photo claustrofilia". Model can't breathe caged in the frames. Well on this photography left and right frames are very tight. Top and bottom are OK.

Plastic in the wall can be irritating but for me it's a nice matt bokeh. One more light beam on this place and it will be invisible.

Whole effect visually could be a little better if model had a coreset put on. It's definitely something missing in the middle.

In sum - very good work connected more to theathre world where actor is much more important than how environment looks like. Feeling coming from model's posh face makes whole cllimate ancient sculpture-like similar to occasionaly seen around huge old clocks =)
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